5 Must-Have Stress Busting Tips Parents Need to Know To Help Their Child During the Holidays

Stressor #1...Routine changes. Families may be thrown into a busy and chaotic schedule of planning gatherings, going to special events, and frantically shopping for gifts and food.

Solution...Provide structure and limit events if needed. Prepare your child in advance for events or changes in routine. Create a weekly or monthly (for older children and teens) schedule that lists all special events and activities. Review it together in advance. Placing all the events on a calendar makes it easier to determine how busy your schedule truly is. You may decide the number of events can be reduced. This may give you and your children more time to re-charge between events rather than feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Stressor #2...Interactions with family. There may be stress or anxiety surrounding how family members are going to get along during time together. A child may have thoughts that the family is going to argue. Worries can arise out of the fear that relatives may ask personal questions that a child would rather not share.